Good writers are hard to find and great writers even harder.
Below you will see what we consider to be our best! These are the stars that allow us to do what we do.

Alicia Collar is the bestselling author of erotic romances. Hailing from Manhattan's Lower East Side, Alicia has hundreds of books sold every week to her credit. Reaching the top 10 on the Amazon bestseller list for three of her books, Alicia’s stories often feature strong and aggressive alpha men engaging in explicit sexual encounters that involve bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism (BDSM). Alicia Collar's Caught and Punished series has captured the attention of erotica fans everywhere.
Marie Cirano I am the proud mother of two boys and one girl all just a few years apart. My oldest son is just starting to read and what does he want to read more than anything else? My Kindle! I tried to find some inexpensive, easy readers for the Kindle that emphasized sight words but didn't find many... which is why I created the Easy-Peasy Series. The story books are designed to focus on simple words and to repeat them frequently. The result is an engaging story that even a beginning reader can enjoy reading "easy-peasy" (his phrase, not mine)!
Heather Hammond is an author of adult erotica from Northern California. Her career took a sharp turn after discovering a void in the marketplace for quality BBW stories. Her first BBW short story, A Tale of a Big Beautiful Virgin, shot up the charts cementing Heather Hammond firmly among the best in her new niche. Hammond's stories often feature shy plus-size women transformed by their encounters with strong, dominant men.
Warlizard People always tell me I've had a crazy life and it's true. Every single time an opportunity was presented to me, I took it, good or bad. Sure, I went undercover to bust a guy selling C-4, but I also won a kissing contest, alienating the towns of Woodstock and Saugerties in the process. I jumped through every door with my eyes wide open, hoping for something fun on the other side. You don't do that, you may as well be dead.
Tyra Knots is a former adult boutique manager and current erotica short-story author residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a developing talent in the genre, 2012 marked Tyra’s breakout year as a published author. Breaking Clarisse, Tyra's first venture into erotica and her Breaking Rachel Walker series deliver creatively twisted tales of BDSM, toys, obedience, and dominance.
Morgan Rose is an explosive new talent from Sheffield, England. Morgan's stories introduce her characters to exciting, harrowing situations that lead them through her twisted brand of erotic training in bondage, domination, torture, and humiliation. Morgan Rose enmeshes her readers in a titillating and disturbing universe they willingly can’t escape.
Contessa Blair Contessa Blair is an erotic romance writer who grew up in New Orleans, LA. She discovered her affinity for bondage, domination, and sadomasochism (BDSM) early in life. Her love of all things horror, especially vampires, lead her to create a unique brand of erotica. Her first published story, Taken by a Vampire, was met with good reviews and readers should look forward to more horror themed domination stories in the future.