With the explosion of platforms and outlets in the ever expanding universe of print and online content, Hammer Publishing offers authors the chance to become part of a growing market.

If you have an idea for a book, if you enjoy writing, if you want equitable compensation for your work, then Hammer Publishing is your answer.

Hammer Publishing is a publishing house that pays you directly for your work. No long and frustrating waits for royalty payments. No fees or charges for submission, marketing, design, editing or promotion. Hammer Publishing provides accepted authors a streamlined, efficient method of turning your creative process into a profitable enterprise and experience the satisfaction of seeing your work entertain and engage audiences worldwide.

Follow this link to Hammer Publishing’s author application form.

Once your application is completed and you are notified of acceptance into our exclusive network, you will be able to login and apply for the projects, submit finished works and suggest your own ideas for future submissions.