Below are the most frequently asked questions and our Answers. If, after reading this page, you still have questions, feel free to Click Here and ask us, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Q1.How and when do I get paid?

A1.Hammer Publishing remits upon acceptance of final submission. HP’s preferred method of payment is via PayPal. However, if you prefer another method, we often do not have issues with accommodating these requests. HP makes payment within 48 hours of final approval.

Q2.Can I write my own stories/books?

A2.YES! But HP requires story concepts to be accepted by Hammer Publishing prior to manuscript submission. Once you’ve joined Hammer Publishing, original stories and books are submitted via HP’s Authors Interface. Using the “Submit Book Idea” link on your Control Panel, you will be required to complete a submission form giving the proposed “Title”, “Subtitle” and “Description”. Hammer Publishing will review your proposal and provide notification once the review is completed.

Q3.How much does Hammer Publishing pay?

A3.Once you have been approved you will be able to go to the link titled “Pick Projects” under you’re My Account page. There you will find a list of books HP is proposing. In addition to story concept details, this link provides payment information for each proposed project. Depending on the level of experience and the length of the time you have been writing for HP will determine what you get picked for. Very often HP will offer a flat rate for a series of 5 projects to gage quality.

Q4.Do I have the publishing rights to my work?

A4.All projects with HP are performed on a work-for-hire basis. Once HP purchases the book, all publishing rights to the work become the sole property of Hammer Publishing. However you are more than welcome to use the work to market your capabilities.

Q5.What are the Submission and Writing Guidelines?

A5.Submission and Writing guidelines are found inside you’re My Account user console and are only accessible after you have been accepted into our system.

Q6.How will I know if the concept I submitted or project I picked receives approval?

A6.HP will notify you via email once your concept or selected projected is approved for development. While you are, of course, free to begin work on any project you choose at any time, HP will only make remittance for projects receiving prior approval and meeting all other HP submission guidelines. You may also login to your user consol and click on the link titled “My Books”. This page will list all the projects that you are currently committed to developing.

Q7.Will you use my name (or Pen Name) when and if the Book is published?

A7.Normally no. HP will typically take your book and place it under the pen name that best represents your style and fan base. However, if you would like to pick a pen name we will be happy to consider that.

Q8.Will I be able to increase my pay scale for future projects?

A8.Yes! Hammer Publishing offers three remittance tiers for posted projects. Tier 1 typically pays $40-$75 per project depending on length, subject matter and skill level. Tier 2 pays $80-$145 per project, and Tier 3 pays $150-$350 per project. Obviously projects outside of the 7,500-15,000 words per project will pay more. All new ghostwriters start at Tier 1.

Q9.How are writers promoted to higher tiers?

A9.Enrolled authors advance through the remittance tiers by meeting the following criteria:
1. Complete a minimum of 10 successful projects with Hammer Publishing.
2. Exhibit strict adherence to quality submission guidelines and copyediting with little to no grammar or spelling issues.
3. Produce favorable feedback from target readership as determined by HP.

Q10.I have written several books. Does Hammer Publishing purchase existing works?

A10.Possibly. The work in question must not have been published in any form under any name and must be 100% original content. HP will review the work for suitability, quality, skill, creativity, audience appeal and subject matter. If you have an existing work you would like HP to review, send a short sample to with “Book for Sale” in the subject header. Once HP has evaluated the work, we will notify you of our decision by email.

Q11.What genres are acceptable for publication?

A11.Hammer Publishing accepts a wide variety of works for publication. From children’s literature to explicit adult erotica, from non-fiction DIY manuals to literary creations, HP’s primary requirement is the marketability of the work. The only genre HP does not currently accept is poetry.